I am social scientist, with a MSc in Development Studies and a PhD in Human Ecology. I have done specialization courses in fields involving in-depth socio-economic analysis, qualitative, quantitative, and participatory research methodologies, and policy making and human resource management. I have post graduate studies in impact evaluation, participatory evaluation, outcome mapping, evaluation of sustainability and qualitative evaluation.

I am professor and researcher at the National University of San Juan, Argentina. Since 2016 I am the director or the Research Program on Employment, Environmental and Society (PETAS)

Since 2019 I am coordinating EvalParticipativa initiative, the Community of Practice and Learning for Participatory Evaluation for Latin America and the Caribbean

I have more than thirty years of increasing professional responsibilities and experience in the field of development studies and evaluation, working for European Commission, the World Bank, FAO, UNDP, Action-Aid, Kellogg Foundation, DEval, among others. I consider myself having very good communication skills demonstrated throughout experiences as lecturer, photojournalist and trainer. I am fluent in Spanish and English, and I have basic understanding of Italian and Portuguese. As independent consultant, I mainly concentrate on learning oriented and participatory evaluation projects. I am interested in short or long-term consultancy opportunities, conducting evaluations or training the staff of NGO, governments or international organizations.

I am member of EvaluAR (Argentinean Evaluation Network) and RELAC (Latin American and Caribbean Network of Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematisation).

I am also a documentary photographer.

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